Tribunal and Bloodmoon
are required for this mod.

"Oh no not another housing MOD" I hear you sayc "Why!!!"

So why Suran ?

Suran has always struck me as odd how do all those merchants stay in business ?

No one lives there !!!
(except themselves and those in the Manor of course... oh!... and don't forget the Temple... but still where are all the ordinary folk ???)

So as a new builder looking to make a name in the world...

With Balmora full to over flowing and lots already developed in and around Pelagiad, Caldera and Seyda Neen... New Suran is born

Ok.. Ok... I know Suran is suppose to service the surrounding area !!!
but hey... I had to have some kind of excuse !!!

What the mod does:

Version 1.0
First and foremost it expends Suran by adding 9 new NPC homes, 2 new Manors one with a (simple) quest that will give you ownership and 3 new shops all with their owners, night time door locks, exterior random window lights and schedules for some existing and all new NPCfs. One special teleport item ? that expands the available locations as your character advancesc the idea behind it was not to just make everywhere available at oncec but as the character improves in skills and reputation opening up more and more location until eventually there are over 100 !!!
I figure that in the beginning you need to go the hard way in order to gain knowledge and skills but by that time you have all the locations available you have no need to walk/ride everywhere in order to do so. You can also have gCythusfs Netch Adamantium Armourh custom made for youc if you have enough funds and can obtain the right materials.

Planned for version 2.0
Add lots of unique dialog for all the NPCfs. Lots more quest to suit all levels. Along with a main quest which builds on the seeds sown in version 1.0
(Hint if you think youfll want to follow this one DONfT kill off anyone in version 1)

Players Abode:

In the past I have created several homes for my players and have come up with the layout and content I like. The home in Suran (Drathen Manor) follows in that style. I hope you like it !!! -You will not find any big powerful uber weapons or lots of treasurec you can go get your own !!! What there is, is plenty of storage and display space, specialist areas/rooms and my idea of pleasant layout and decorc
As it is currently occupiedc the house does have some expensive things in it and there is a simple quest in order to acquire ownershipc in fact the only way to get the key to unlock the cellar (trophy/display room) and extra hidden room is to do the questc Or you can take it over in the best Morrowind tradition of:

eLive and let others livec
unless they have something you want !!!f

but this will spoil the plot and youfll miss the clues for the quests to come in version 2.0 and lock you out of the extra areas.

There will eventually be 2 versions of this one with and one without such things as mannequines and storage jars and all the extra eye candy (Thanks to Taimos for this suggestion.)

Compatability list:

Note! these are not necessarily compatible with each other.
Also --- The following mods must be installed before gNew Suranh in order to
guarantee that they will work properly.

Suran Underworld v2.5 date/time stamped 20/02/04 14:14
Shipworthy Suran
Your Suran Residence
Suran Riverview Home
Two Moon Manor
Suran Archery Tradehouse v3.0

House of Spears (original Suran location)
Any mod that only affects the interior cells of building originally located in Suran such as mods that add items, NPCs, etc. to shops. Should be ok.
Any mod that adds items or NPCs to the exterior cells of Suran where the item
added is located on an existing walkway or cobblestone textured area and
LAND IS NOT altered in any way. Again should be okc

Known conflicts:

Sessions - compatibility mod included, currently just removes two trees
The Salty Goblin ? not possible to make my mod compatible with this one and Shipworthy Suran (which I felt fits in with my mod better) .
The Warriors Rest ? Just not practicable to work around this one
Suran Estate ? Sorry right where I put my new docks
Suran Expanded ? completely incompatible ? takes up the same space.
House of Spears (New version V3)
Suran Underworld v2.5 date/time stamped 10/08/04 18:28

Kown Bugs!!!

1. Sometimes when an NPC is relocated to an exterior cell with Postion, x,y,z,zRot they appear to be displayed wrong (they look as if they are sort of in BITs and imbedded in the landscapec ) there are pictures showing this on my wed site on the Problems page. Going back to an interior cell and coming out again seems to correct it. I have no idea what causes this therefore am unable to fix it !!! If you have any notion as to what causes this then please let me know !!!!

These are probably not definitive lists.
So if you find others please let me know so I can add them.

If you have any comments or suggestionsc good or bad (Ifve got big shoulders)
If you have any ideas for quest that perhaps you might like to see added. (If you can write them for me as wellc so much the bettercIfm still learning!)

You may notice that one of the properties is completely emptyc
This is deliberatec so if you have a good solution for its use ?
But if no one puts forward an alternate to me for it then in version 2 it will become occupied using my own ideac.

Additional Credits:

Display cases by Lady E
Bathtub and Canopy bed by Dongle
Storage jars by Crazyboy
Mannequins originally from the gHouse Mannequinsh (I think.. ) with updated scripts.
Netch Adamantium Armor by Cythus