Just a Little about Me!

Ok... I'm fairly new to Morrowind, I've only been playing it for around a year, but well and truly hooked !!!

I have gone through it several time in different ways... different Guild combinations, Great House, Players race etc. (but somehow I always seem to end up as a murdering thief... by the way I nearly always play a female character and restrict her to light armour, using single handed short swords or bows only)
  I have made quite a few MOD's for my own use from scratch and by just modifying others, and feel now is the time to release one on the unsuspecting world...


What do I think is the most unbalancing game addition I've come across so far?

Well you can keep all you big uber weapons... it has got to be "The Ring of Shadows" (not sure what mod introduced it into the game!) but with it even a Level 1 unarmoured unarmed player can loot anything and everything even from all the Great House treasuries, you still need to be able to lock pick and carry it all though of course...

and Yes! I do use it... but in moderation you understand