The Wanderers Stash
Lithia (My Character) hates city life and likes nothing more to spend her spare time 'Wanderering' around the great outdoors and sleeping under the stars with nothing but a tent...

She has just discovered there is a network of small abandoned and empty 'underground TREE pod' hideaways... inside one there was a journal and clues to another...

There are no items to speak of... Just a good selection of LARGE capacity containers... There is also a bed... just the job should you get feed up with a bed roll under the stars... Just one last thing... once you go in... I hope you can jump ;)

This was tested with a very low skilled level 5 Character, and no levitate... she still managed to get out... Just!!! :D

I'm just going to give you a clue to this fist location the rest is up to you...
just follow the paper trail left by the previous owner.

I hope also find these appealing little 'Stash' holes in the ground... Once you find the first one the others should be easier to find as you'll know what to keep an eye out for :)

Ok... here is your fist clue:
( If you really aren't up for the chase then just look in :P )

Near the brow of a hill...
isolated but overlooking Ebonheart and Vivec from the south...
Next to a small outcrop is the way in you want.

And finally a teleport ring has been added to the final stash

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