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"The Society of Intelligent Scholars"

Here follows the know history so far for the society:

In the early part of the 3rd Era the archives of Alinor were still inaccessible to outside scholars. But a break away group formed around this time who believed knowledge should be shared. but are shunned and exiled for this so head east and over the Velothi Mountains to where at least the Mer are more open.
(still needing and indeed wanting to the cmpany of their own kind. Mer that is.)
They settled on the coast of the main land almost in view of Vivic

Uriel I himself promoted the Society and allowed and indead encouraged them to expand (sadly he died six years later).And Uriel Septim VI was only aged 20 when he promoted the Society (he died only 12 years later).

3E 17 First recorded meeting for the "The Society for Intellectual Scholars".
3E 25 The society decided it should bring it's knowledge to the world.
(as is shown in the surviving records.)
3E 25 The society declares it's intention to share the Altmeri wisdom with scholars of other provenience and opens itself up for them.
3E 29 Their works are banned and its leaders exiled.
3E 53 "Uriel I" becomes Emperor.
("Uriel I" was a promoter of independent organizations and guilds.)
3E 58 The society leaders first arrive in the Province of Morrowind.
3E 101 First building dedicated to the "The Society for Intellectual Scholars" is opened.
3E 213 Society moves to new more tranquil premises near the mouth of the River Thir.
3E 251 "The Honourable League of the Scroll" is formed as protectors for the Society.
3E 293 Land erosion destroys the main buildings, and many of their prized books and records are lost to the sea.
3E 294 Moved to their current location near Castle Ebonheart.
(the land and original builds where donated by an unknown wealthy Patron)
3E 295 Fist non-Mer member joins the society.
3E 303 Further building works added for a new Printing Press room.
3E 305 First Library built at Moonmoth Legion Fort.
(A gift funded by the Emporer Uriel Septim VI himself)
3E 331 A second library built at Ald-rhun.
(Funded by donations from weathy locals)
3E 376 Final building work carried out which make up the enclosed court yard setting seen today.
3E 405 Third library built at Sadrith Mora, exactly 100 years after the first and sometime referred to as the "Centennial Library".
3E 427