Library of Vvardenfell [WIP]

With this mod the intension is to follow the principles as set out in the
' Open Modding License' (OML)

i.e. it will follow 'The Cathedral' view,

Timeline of the Society
The Gallery
The Wanderes Home Page
"The Society of Intelligent Scholars"

This mod adds somewhere around 2000 books in total to Morrowind.
Something like - 1000 unique, the rest are made up of duplicates in various libraries.

All the ElderScrolls books:
Daggerfall - (60+ books)
Battlespire - (20+ books)
Redguard - (15+ Books )
Plus 100fs of new books covering many different topics.

There are 3 Libraries in or near main towns.
With one large central Headquarters near Ebonheart Castle.

Ebonheart area - Main Headquarters of "The Society for Intellectual Scholars"
A complex of around 12 buildings, surrounding a pleasant courtyard.
Houses copies of all the books.
Has its own printing press.
There is a General Store that buys and sell books among other items.

The local library are as follows:
Imperial - Balmora Library - at Moonmoth Legion Fort
Redoran - Ald'ruhn Library
Telvanni - Sadrith Mora Library